Brief Histories of the Hood

Posted: June 18, 2013 in fun is fun
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Androids claimed their truths were measurable. A new wave of math was dumped upon us tout de suite. The scores were added up, inevitably. Every result meant our brains were misformed. But did that not mean our brains functioned correctly, but in ways inutile to them? It did. It also meant new diets were catapulted from the city gates. They came in boxes and tasted like boxes. We were granted mammy jobs and promptly fed boom beats and hammers to baby androids. They bled along the grass. Their eggy eyes slid into puddles, where they decomposed among the tadpoles and worms. The baby androids looked at us with empty sockets. Flies entered and exited these with snips of wire and circuitry. The baby androids held out their mechanical hands. We took them. We counted the fingers: sixteen, two, hundred. We promised that, at long last, we were friends.

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