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step back, jack.

I remember the preface to Naked Lunch more than the book (Okay, I do remember the book. Lightning storm of drug visions, anal sex, interzone).  But the preface has stayed with me.  Maybe it wasn’t a preface, just something apocryphal about Burroughs’ opium abuse.  What’s important is this: Burroughs used to smoke opium and watch his shoes for hours on end. 

Bored people get high.  The high makes boring shit cool. Tolerable, at least.  Shoes=boring.  Shoes+opium=cool, man. Tolerable. 

It’s Saturday.  People are boiling eggs, lusting over cats, freaking out over their tourney brackets, trying on sexy underwear.  Meanwhile, I’m watching paint dry.  I wish I had the opium excuse, but I’m sober as your true Christian schoolmarm.

Home ownership’s draining my anarchism, that’s for sure.  It’s hard to say that property is theft when you’re the one shelling out 5Gs to transform your house from  termite haven to sage green Eden.  We’ve done that, my fiancée and I.  It’s ours.  There’s beauty in achieving the middle class dream. Also, sadness.

termite haven

Posted: March 24, 2012 in what five grand can do.

termite haven

what it was, homey.